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How to Prepare Your Foreign Product for a Launch in the US: The Power of Qualitative Data

Shipping a product to the USA

The United States is a great place to market products. The massive marketplace is a virtual candy shop for new ideas and the plentiful advertising possibilities make it a haven for new businesses. People in the US are always looking for the next best thing on the market, which gives you a hungry audience ready to accept your new innovation.

On top of that, the US makes it easy to sell online and the convenience of doing business on the web may cut down on overhead costs.

However, if you want to make the most of these endless opportunities you need to understand your customer value proposition. After familiarizing yourself with figures and consumer trends surrounding your product, focus all of your attention to your future customers. To do this well, you need to gather qualitative research and data. Here are a few simple ways you can do that.

How to Use Qualitative Research to Prepare Your Product for US Sales

A good first step is to know the pains and gains of your target customer. Your product development should really start here.

Think about your target customer and familiarize yourself with their values, desires, and pain points. As you begin to understand their values you can shape your marketing strategy to set your product up for success. In the US, there are countless demographics to tap into.

Locate a Professional & Local Market Researcher to Do Interviews

Next, find a local market researcher to carry out in-depth interviews for you.

Why shouldn’t you do it yourself? Well, for starters you likely know very little about the local marketplace.

A market researcher knows how to carry out a successful interview that pulls the qualitative research you need. Another reason you should hire a local marketer to conduct interviews is that your desires could introduce bias which muddies the results of your research.

In terms of the respondents, they are likely more open and comfortable with someone from their local area.

How to Find a Market Researcher

To gather the qualitative research and data you need you must find a qualified market researcher. Check out a freelancer if you’re on a tight budget. You can find high-quality researchers in your target area by using Upwork. You can even find someone who speaks your own language on the site.

Here is a sample search for market researchers in the United States:


How to use Qualitative Data to Shape Your Product

international business language

Before you spend thousands launching your product in the US, use the qualitative data you’ve gathered from your interviews to make any changes that are necessary.

For example, if you’re launching a new skin cream in the US, but your research determined that your market doesn’t like the scent of the cream or the colors of the packaging, make an adjustment.

Don’t ignore the information you’ve gathered. Use it so you can have a successful launch right off the bat.

Marketing your product in the US is an exciting challenge. Your product development needs qualitative research to have successful results. Use the tips we’ve mentioned here to experience the killer product launch you’re after.

We wish you the best of luck!

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