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Generation Focus is a customer discovery research firm that connects companies to the right people for powerful insights.

We Make the Connection
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B2B Research Recruitment


We provide access to business professionals for in-depth interviews and other types of sessions. We find the perfect fit for your research expertise needs. 

Do you need end-to-end research support, or simply recruitment assistance to make connections? No matter what you need, we breathe life into your research with professional support.

Analyzing the data
Targeted Recruiting


We specialize in getting research respondents from all walks of life, across the globe, even those who seem hardest to find. 


Maximize your investment with hand-picked respondents that fit your demographic. We use high-quality test users and research respondents to nail down top-tier research data. Get the answers you need to make better business decisions, with our targeted recruiting services. 

Customer Discovery Interview
Next Level Research


Need to go beyond recruitment? Get to know your target customers with behavioral and attitudinal research that fits their lifestyle. We offer support for ethnographic, qualitative, design, and quantitative research studies.

Let us help make your next research project easier. We'll handle it all - recruitment, surveys, in-depth interviews, and more.


Figuring out what makes people tick is our passion. Our goal is to find out what motivates people in your niche and then give you real-world data that does what you want it to—create loyal customers. We leave no stone unturned when we search for your ideal participants.


It’s time your data evolved. We’ll help it do that.


Explore a better way to figure out what your customer wants with innovative market research.

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